EXAMPLES:  Source code examples.

Example Description Category
E00-Hello.cpp hello world example General
E00-PrintArgs.cpp prints command line arguments to standard output General
E00-PrintEnv.cpp prints the program environment to standard output General, Runtime
E03-Enumerate.cpp demonstrates the use of Containers::enumerate method Containers
E04-Serialization.cpp object serialization and deserialization example Io
E05-DirectoryList.cpp list the files that match a given file name pattern in a directory Io, FileSystem
E07-Alarm.cpp demonstration of simple multi-threaded execution Threading
E07-Interrupt.cpp demonstrates thread interruption using Task::interrupt method Threading
E07-ProducerConsumer.cpp demonstrates cooperation between multiple threads within a program Threading
E08-ClientServer.cpp sends a message from a client to a server over TCP/IP socket Threading, Networking
E40-XML.cpp demonstrates the use of XML import, export and manipulation Text
E51-Codecs.cpp demonstrates the use of Codecs to encode and decode byte streams Io